Logo of Matthew Hatt (HIM, The King.)

Logo of Matthew Hatt (HIM, The King.)

About Matthew Hatt

Matthew Hatt is a former sous chef, turned visual artist. After chefing around Nova Scotia and Ontario, Matthew decided to move back to his childhood home of Gold River, where Matthew Hatt has worked as a visual art for almost 15 years. Matthew Hatt's art style is varied, the categories they are under are very loose, bouncing from style he never knows what category they fall under, so try not to over think it and have fun taking it all in. Matthew Hatt's photography is suppose to be contemplative in nature, most of them are taken on Oak Island, where Matthew helps as a tour escort. 

Due to size and cost Matthew Hatt is no longer able to ship paintings, but prints could be arranged. Also, please note Matthew no longer takes commissions. 

If you would like a postcard featuring Matthew Hatt's work, please use the contact page. The images on the cards changes often. 

Please don't hesitate to contact with any comments or questions! Matthew would love to hear from you!


Artist Statement Of Matthew Hatt (Scykosiz)

My art work is an interesting mix of styles with a focus on color, texture and compositional aesthetics, the mood and emotional content can be powerful. 
I consider my artwork outsider art
I possess a strong interest in painting, music and film.
I seek beauty in the simplicity found in new experiences, people, places, and art forms.
I love to create.
I love seeking inspiration from the world as well as inspiring others to create.

"In Front Of You."
Or something like that…